This older lady at work kept starring at me for like five minutes, finally she c… – pickup


This older lady at work kept starring at me for like five minutes finally she c


  1. Posted by elaeladams, — Reply

    Did she call him? Gah..don't just leave it at that😶 now we're all going to wonder forever ! Where's the whisper that says " and today was our wedding day" Man, way to leave us hangin' .

  2. Posted by cpembo1129, — Reply

    One heck of a pickup Son: hey Mom I'm having trouble finding a girl Mom's brain: mist have daughter grandkids I'll be a SUPERMOM mom: ok

  3. Posted by emmakatemask2116, — Reply

    When ur such a good child of god and all the moms hit u up for their sons 😂

  4. Posted by grettamoney, — Reply

    Moms are the best wingmen. They can tell which ones are gonna be trouble before you can.

  5. Posted by vintaglowiie, — Reply

    Hey guys this is my first meme so I’d really appreciate some support!

  6. Posted by ebgoodwin05, — Reply

    Why can't this happen to me??? 😢

  7. Posted by AUGUST8329, — Reply

    Omg savage lol

  8. Posted by 20jams05, — Reply

    Wish someone would do that for me like

  9. Posted by queen101barrett, — Reply

    I need to know what happened!!!

  10. Posted by bowynlensing, — Reply


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